Some snippets from the stories of love migration

“In [the] beginning of 2012 I met [my boyfriend], who is Belgian. Most probably, if it was not because of him, I wouldn’t be in Brussels anymore, as I have this need to move. However, nowadays I feel super happy here because of him!”

 “Eventually, I turned up at [her] door […] with 5 tins of Heinz baked beans and we took it from there.”

“Moving two people is harder than just moving yourself.”

“My wife has sometimes said that she feels that it is better that we settled in a third country, because then we are both in a similar situation: we are both migrants. I think there is some truth to this – but then it might have been easier for us to integrate as a couple if we were in one of our native countries.”

“I arrived in Brussels […] for a six month work contract. Met a lovely French lady in a bar and have been here ever since. Now married with two children.”

“I’d got 2 cats to keep me company and he wasn’t keen to share a house with me again if that included them! So it was a bit like that picture where the guy says: “You have to choose between me or the cat” and you see a big complacent cat in the foreground thinking: “We’ll miss you”!”




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