The Barcelona Phase

The Love Migration project has arrived in Barcelona! To take part in an informal interview, please leave your email address here:


Get Involved

How to contribute your story of love migration to the project. The Love Migration Project is looking for people to tell their story of love migration in an interview. The interviews are done with both of you at the same time. Together you would choose an object which has some meaning in the context of […]


I’m Single

The project is about all aspects of love and migration, including avoiding relationships, or trying to meet the right person. If you are single, and have experiences of love and migration, please get in touch


What’s involved?

What do we have to do? Just tell your story. The interviews will consist of you and your partner, and the researcher. The researcher will first ask you for some biographical information such as your date of birth, occupation, and nationality. You and your partner will then be asked to talk about an object, which […]

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